About Us

Welcome to Good Samaritan Public School

Good Samaritan Public School is mapped in Sirkali is one of the best CBSE School which follows Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum from grade I.

Our school highly takes responsibility of children holistic development in all the way. It is shield with 50 years vast exposure in the field of education with Vivekananda Group of Institutions and Good Samaritan Trust, Good Samaritan Public School, Affiliated to CBSE is committed to deliver best in class education to its ward across the social and economic spectrum of Sirkali.

The inspiration and guiding light behind all our development with great vision and love for children from Smt. Anitha Radhakrishnan, Who continues to support in all our fair and passionate objectives.

At Good Samaritan Public School, individual focus is preferred to each student to be molded and trimmed to make the child achieve a social and moral success in life. The school visions its role in preparation of its wards for understanding and responsible citizens of the society.

Besides imparting knowledge, we aim to install children mind to a storing personality to show compassion to the fellow beings and help them build a strong character of life for the global competition.

Our school encourages children for all the state and international level competition of academic and non-academic activities. Good Samaritan Public School pays attention to the natural activities to design them for successful ambition.

Apart from our classroom instructions, we aim to take up children hobbies like reading and writing, to improve public speaking and developing their skills through participating various competition and co-curricular events.

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